Cars sit in traffic while a train passes them by.
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Our transportation system is a mess. 让我们来修复它.

Our transportation system is a mess. 让我们来修复它.


无排气管汽车. Trucks and buses without exhaust plumes. 可访问的, affordable options that get us safely where we need to go, 没有烟雾, 全球变暖污染, 或者更多的流量.

That’s our vision for a modern US transportation system—and you can help make it come true.

As it exists today, transportation is killing us. The transportation sector—which includes cars, 卡车, 火车, and planes—is now the largest source of global warming emissions in the United States, and a major source of smog and air pollution.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right local, state, and federal policies, we can 改变-我们需要你的帮助.


  1. 推进 policies that reduce pollution from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles,
  2. 支持 electric vehicles and ensuring new technologies decrease emissions,
  3. 提升 voices from those most impacted by transportation pollution,
  4. 刺激 regional action in California, and the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.